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Services and Rates

Classes and lectures are available in all modalities and can be brought to your business, organization or group. Upcoming classes are listed on the Continuing Education page of this website and can be brought to you with a minimum number of participants.

Curriculum for all classes is portable and can be tailor-made for massage schools, licensed healthcare professionals, laypeople, organizations, or corporations wanting to introduce the benefits of these healing modalities to consumers or staff. 

If you do not see the class you are interested in through clicking on the above links, please email Hallie for more information.

Current services and rates are listed below. Personal checks and cash are acceptable forms of payment for all professional services.

Professional Services

  • Therapeutic Massage (60 minutes): $85
  • Therapeutic Massage (90 minutes): $120
  • Therapeutic Massage (3, 1-hour sessions): $230
  • Aromatherapy Massage (90 minutes): $150
  • Hot Stone Massage (90 minutes): $165
  • Polarity Therapy (75 minutes): $85
  • Reflexology (30 minutes): $50
  • Reiki (75 minutes): $85
  • Integrated Energy Therapy (75 minutes): $85
  • Aromatherapy consultation w/blend (60 minutes): $80
  • Reiki Master Mentoring: $80/hour
  • Elder Advocacy Services: $75/hour
  • Elder Support Services: $40/hour

Add-On Services: 15-minute services that can be added onto an existing hands-on service for a fee of $15.

  • Hot Pack: Rice-filled packs are warmed by heating in the microwave, then wrapped in towels, and placed on areas of muscular tension to ease pain. Contraindicated with cardiac issues.
  • Essential Oil Diffusion: Essential oils with sedating therapeutic properties are diffused for 15 minutes of your session. 
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