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Image of Reflexology SessionImagine being able to support the entire body in its return to balance by working solely with the feet or hands. Reflexology is an ancient and time-honored therapeutic technique which does just that. Specific areas of the feet and hands ‘reflex’ distant aspects of the body, sending a signal to return to equilibrium and bringing about relaxation, healing and balance. Pain is eased, nerves are calmed, circulation is returned to a free-flowing norm and the entire body is harmonized. It enables us to gain and maintain good health in a natural way, revitalizing and rejuvenating ourselves. 

Healthcare Professionals: envision being able to quickly and effectively create relaxation for your clients and patients. Begin any treatment with reflexology and prime the entire body for whatever comes next whether that is a full body massage, a manicure, pedicure, or simply putting a client or patient at ease. LMTs: If reflexology was a part of your educational path in becoming a massage therapist, this is a great refresher course! 

Interested in reflexology training? Introductory classes are regularly offered in Connecticut. Classes are also easily brought to your area with a minimum of six students.

The introductory training offers an overview of reflexology basics including history, benefits, cautions/contraindications, foot maps indicating reflex points, a demonstration of the elements of a basic reflexology session, supervised, hands-on practice giving and receiving reflexology techniques that can be put into practice with clients and patients, or used as self-care. Participants also receive an introductory manual including all of the above-mentioned information.

To schedule a reflexology lecture or class in your area, email Hallie.

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